Life & Blog Update

I apologize for the lack of writing. I am currently in the process of prepping for Animefest, going back to college to get my Bachelor’s Degree and brainstorming business plans for the Etsy business I help my brother with. I have also been pulling multiple 10 hour shifts at my job. I hope to be back on track shortly and have a new post within this next week. Thank you for the support and sticking with me.

Another thing I want to touch base is on that I have split my blog into 2 two blogs now. The other one will be for reviews of shows, anime, books or anything that really tickles my geek fancy and for mostly personal use. This blog will be more for article and business use. I have moved my articles to this blog, while keeping review and life blogs on the other one. If you do not want to follow my article blog, but only my geeky blog, then please click on the link below to subscribe to my article blog.

Thanks again for your support!