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M.A.P. : Making A Plan

Setting goals and getting stuff done is what life is all about! Or is it? Everyday you can find people making hash tags about achieving their goals, D.I.Y. Pinterest ideas, self-help planning books and even merchandise for helping to set/attain goals. There is an endless amount of resources for anyone that wants to start making a plan for themselves. There is an array of things that you can do this for, such as setting plan for what classes you need to take for college or steps needed to be taken before trying to land that big job you want or even just for your overall life in general. The possibilities are endless. However, plan making is not easy for everyone. There are many hurdles people run into along the way of making or sticking to a plan and there are two things that seem to really stick out as problems.
The first is being overly influenced by someone like a family member, friend, or someone you look up to. There is nothing wrong with following in the steps of a parent or an individual you respect or look up to. However, this can lead to early burnout before any or all goals are reached and sometimes a feeling of discontent even when you do reach all your goals. This usually happens because the plan you made was not your own. This situation also happens with people who have had a path or set of goals forced on to them because they are expected to be something that is not even close to who they are or want to be. This can also lead to feeling the pressure of you feeling like you have to live up to the expectations of others or the need to be exactly like someone. This is why making a plan for you and only you is very important. Also, when you make a plan for yourself, the feeling of satisfaction when you complete your plan will feel much more rewarding.
The second thing that can almost instantly become a problem when making a plan is taking on too much at once or even setting up goals that are not realistically within your reach at this very moment. Sometimes you have to work yourself up to those bigger points. Stress is one of life’s many vicious monsters that comes in many different forms and is not something one should take lightly. Stress in large amounts can cause detrimental damage to your health. This is why you should always be mindful of it even in plan making. A good suggestion is to start with a small set of goals within a small time frame and then stairstep from there. An example would be make a small list of 5 – 10 goals, they can be anything from errands or projects that need to get done fairly in the next few weeks or in a month. Then once all goals have been reached for that small plan. Then you can move on to a bigger list of of maybe 10 – 15 goals that need to be completed in a 2 -3 month period. After each plan is completed, you stairstep up a bit more each time. This will not only help you gradually get use to setting and completeing goals, but also lower the amount of stress and boost your confidence when it come time to take on the really big goals you have in mind.
I hope this article has helped you or someone you know in some way. Like I have said before, I am not a doctor of any kind. Any advice I give is from personal experience, the experience from friends, and knowledge that I have gained from books or articles. I hope you always try to remember that this is your life and so when it comes to the goals you want to achieve, that only you should get to call the shots. Do not be swayed by others or feel you need to conform to the society around you. In the end, it is about your passion and your happiness. Also, never be afraid to try for something, but also do not forget to be kind to yourself when you run into a problem or a failure. That is all I have for now. Thank you for your time and lots of love until next time.

“He, who every morning plans the transactions of the day, and follows that plan, carries a thread that will guide him through a labyrinth of the most busy life.” – Victor Hugo